Example of Purchase

You decide to purchase a clone for a total cost of

$45,000  Total

 -$1,000  Contract Deposit

-$12,000Build Deposit

$32,000  Still Due

The car will take approximately 6 months to build, so the remaining $32,000 will be divided into 6 equal monthly payments. This would make your monthly payments $5,333 a month, for 6 months.

You have the option to extend your monthly payments up to one year with prior consent. In this case, the remaining $32,000 due, would be divided by 12 months, which would bring your monthly payments to $2,666 for 12 months.

The vehicle must be paid in full prior to delivery. Vehicle delivery costs are at the buyer's expense and are not included in our pricing. We are happy to provide our contacts for assistance in United States based delivery and/or persons that ship internationally.  



We do not build on donor cars. We build on tubular chassis with full C6 Corvette suspension.


Six Months

In most cases.


Meeting Your Needs

Custom tubular chassis, off frame restoration on classic cars, twin turbo Dodge Vipers, builds up to 1300hp, full custom fabrication, water jetting, welding, plasma cutting, engine building, custom built tranny's, frame fabrication, right hand drive cars, body kits, fiberglass, carbon fiber, plasti-dip, paint and body, hydro dipping, and more.

V8 Engine

Starting at $40,000

Aventador, Lp640, Lp670 and Reventon

  Twin Turbo

Starting at $45,000

LS4 Corvette installed

Build Deposit


After the contract is completed, signed, notarized and have a copy of drivers licenses attached, both parties (individuals) will be provided copies. The build deposit is required to start the car. APPROXIMATELY 6 months to build. 

Monthly Payment



V6 Engine

Starting at $35,000

Aventador, Lp640, Lp670 and Reventon


Starting at $40,000

Contract Deposit


Required to draft a contract. Deducted from your total. Non-refundable once contract is initiated.


We build clones to show off.